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Identity Theft
Go to www.lifelock.com/?promocode=BSPECIALISTS  in order to get a 10% discount on LifeLock® rates through Benefit Specialists.

Identity theft continues to be a significant threat against individuals’ privacy and financial security. A victim can spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars repairing their credit and reputation.  LifeLock® can easily and affordably protect your important financial information and personal identification and inevitability you and your family’s future.

Contact Benefit Specialists at 701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375 for additional information.





Impaired Risk Health Insurance
If are searching for personal health insurance coverage, but you’ve been turned down for health insurance for medical reasons, such as diabetes and heart conditions, go to the links below.  These links are for the guaranteed issue state health plans.  These plans are referred to as a guaranteed because you can’t be turned down, no matter what your current condition is.


Contact Benefit Specialists at (701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375 you have questions about impaired risk health insurance or would like to apply for coverage today! 


North Dakota residents go to www.chand.org
Minnesota residents go to www.mchamn.com




Individual Health Insurance
Individuals and their dependents looking for more information or to purchase health insurance can go to www.rickgreener.mymedquotes.com.  You may apply online!


Please contact Benefit Specialists at 701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375 with any questions you may have about individual health insurance.  We would be happy to help!




International Travel Insurance
Go to http://benefitspecialists.911abroad.net for access to international major medical and travel insurance. 

If you’re planning a trip out of the country, this website is a must.  Whether you have planned a short vacation or an extended stay, IMG can take care of you. In addition to major medical, IMG offers trip cancellation programs, sky rescue and several other types of insurance to cover almost any situation you can encounter overseas.


Contact Benefit Specialists at 701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375 for additional information about international travel insurance today!