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Group Health
Benefit Specialists understands the challenges that employers are facing with the rising cost of healthcare. Through our experience

we have identified valuable solutions for both large and small companies.


We specialize in small group health with a number of companies. We can customize a plan to fit the employer´s needs. For large groups we work with consultants and can provide fully insured or self-funded plans. We can also provide health insurance for unique situations such as high risk, uninsurable individuals.


Contact Benefit Specialists today at 701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375 to learn more about creative, group health solutions for your company.




In today’s increasingly competitive job market attracting and retaining quality employees is a major focus for employers. Many employees, both current and prospective, use a company’s benefit package as way to evaluate how the employer values their employees. Dental coverage can be an inexpensive investment in your company’s future.


Levels of treatment

Preventive: Usually provides for an exam every two to four times per year, x-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants and spacers (certain limitations apply).
Basic: Usually includes fillings extractions, oral surgery, root canal, periodontics and repairs to crowns.
Major: Coverage usually includes crown, inlays, porcelain restoration, endodontic, full and partial dentures, certain adjustments, bridges, repairs, implants and non-surgical TMJ treatment.
Orthodontics: Coverage is typically for dependents up to age 19. Adult coverage is also available.

Benefit Specialists can assist in the selection of a dental plan for your company’s needs. Please contact us at 701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375 for additional information.




Good visual health plays an important role in the contributing to your employees’ overall health. Vision care is a relatively simple benefit that can be viewed as extremely valuable to your current and prospective employees. It is currently ranked as the third most requested
benefit, following health and dental, by employees across the country.


Periodic eye examinations are an important part of preventative healthcare. Many eye and vision conditions have no symptoms and your employees may not be aware of potential problems. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for maintaining good vision and preventing permanent vision loss.


We have found vision to be incredibly popular with our current clients. Contact Benefit Specialists at 701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375 to learn more about vision care options to protect your company’s most important resource, your employees.




Group Life insurance
Group life insurance is one of the benefits to consider, in order to achieve the goal of having a good benefit package. Fortunately, group life insurance is one of the most affordable types of insurance you can provide for your employees.


      A group life insurance plan should be reevaluated and reassessed when your company grows significantly, hires executives with larger salaries, increases in number of employees, the demographics of the employee population changes, or when it improves previously offered benefits.


      Contact Benefit Specialists as your business grows for more information on which group life insurance plan is best for your company.  Also, if you have not reviewed your group’s plan recently, you may be eligible for a lower life insurance rate.



Short-Term Disability
Many people believe that insuring one’s income is the most important form of insurance. Offering short-term disability insurance shows your employees you care for their families should they become sick or injured off the job, for a short period of time and are unable to work.


Maternity benefits are also a part of short-term disability. Employees have found the maternity benefit extremely rewarding and of great value financially when out on leave. Employers have found this benefit to contribute greatly to employee morale.


Let Benefit Specialists develop a customized plan for your company’s needs. Please contact us at 701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375 for additional information.




Long-Term Disability
A long-term disability can have profound and long-lasting effects on an employee, his or her family and the company they work for. For the individual, long-term disability insurance can mean the difference between maintaining their quality of life and the pressure of making ends meet during a stressful time.


The complexities of long-term disability can be overwhelming, not only for those eligible to receive benefits but also for those charged with developing company programs and procedures. We can customize your plan with a host of options including covering you in “your” occupation, cost of living adjustment clauses and benefit periods that extend to social security normal retirement age. Benefit Specialists can assist in the decision making process from market research through implementation.


We have the experience and industry knowledge to simplify this process for you. Contact Benefit Specialists today for your customized plan. Please call 701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375.




Long-Term Care
As the cost of healthcare and healthcare related services continue to rise, employees should consider the fact that their retirement assets and health insurance may not be adequate to fund their long-term care needs. Long-term care insurance can be offered on a group or individual basis.


By offering long-term care to your employees you are helping them prepare life’s unexpected changes such as illness or disability due to an accident. Long-term care offers an excellent solution to enable your employees to preserve their quality of care and their families’ quality of life when services are needed.


View our DVDs for additional information on the value of long-term care and to see how a lack of planning can significantly impact your future


Benefit Specialists are available to answer any question you may have regarding long-term
care, please feel free to contact us today 701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375..




Voluntary Benefits
When it comes to attracting and retaining your company’s most valuable resource, your employees, voluntary benefits are an excellent way for you to differentiate your company from your competitors, without any direct cost to your company.


With the rising healthcare benefit costs, voluntary benefits are an excellent solution to insure that you are offering a well-rounded, comprehensive benefit package to your employees. Voluntary benefits, which are not an additional cost to you the employer, show that your employees’ well being and financial security is a focus for your company.


Payment of premiums by the employee is simply made through payroll deductions. Participation requirements often apply to voluntary benefit programs, so utilizing an experienced company like Benefit Specialists will insure your voluntary benefits will be communicated properly.


Benefit Specialists offers the following products on a voluntary basis:

- Life
- Short Term Disability
- Long Term Disability
- Vision
- Dental
- Cancer
- Critical Illness
- Identity Theft Protection
- Homeowners and Auto*
- Purchasing Power Products*


* Large group only (500+ employees)


Benefit Specialists can help you successfully select and implement a customized solution for your company. Please contact us at 701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375 for more information today.




Purchasing Power
Purchasing Power offers companies, school districts and other public sectors with 500 employees or more, a creative, voluntary, computer, electronics and appliance purchase program with the ease and affordability of payroll deduction. Purchasing Power handles the qualification, purchasing and payment processes from start to finish. Employers have no additional overhead and are never liable for purchases made by employees.


Purchasing Power works for employees who might otherwise have difficulty buying and financing good quality, name-brand products without credit checks, down payments or late fees. It also allows employees to avoid the stress of additional credit card debit at high interest rates. Employers have found this benefit to enhance their company’s recruitment efforts and increase their employee retention.


Contact Benefit Specialists at 701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375 today to learn more about this innovative benefit program for your employees.


Purchasing Power       View PDF




Unitrin Direct
Another valuable voluntary benefit offered by Benefit Specialists is Unitrin Direct’s group home and automobile insurance. This can be an effective way for your company to round out your employee benefit package.


Unitrin Direct offers competitive rates for personal insurance products with a unique group discount. Employees may sign up for this benefit and access to their information about their policy online or by calling a toll-free number and talking to a claims specialist that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Various payment methods offer flexible and hassle-free options for your employees to pay their premiums. For additional details go to http://www.udpreferred.com.


Benefit Specialists can provide additional information on this flexible voluntary benefit for your employees; contact us at 701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375.




LifeLock ®
Identity theft continues to be a significant threat against individuals’ privacy and financial security. A victim can spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars repairing their credit and reputation. LifeLock? can easily and affordably protect your important financial information and personal identification and inevitability you and your family’s future.


Please contact us today at 701.492.7372 or 800.383.6375 for more information or go to

www.lifelock.com/?promocode=BSPECIALISTS in order to get the best LifeLock? rates through Benefit Specialists.




Employee Assistance Program
Live Well Solutions provides professional services designed to help balance life’s demands. Live Well Solutions provides customized EAP, Worklife and Wellness Solutions designed to:

    • -Reduce absenteeism
    • -Reduce presenteeism
    • -Improve overall organizational health
    • -Offset or contain increasing healthcare costs
    • -Increase employee loyalty and retention
    • -Lower disability and worker’s compensation claims
    • -Educate and train management, supervisors and human resource staff


Click here for access to the Living Well Website and enter password “benefitspecialists"


For more information about adding an employee assistance program for your employees contact us at 701.492.7372.